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Become an exclusive member of Adoniaabeauty Club for only $29/month

Let us take care of all your beauty needs both inside and outside. By joining , you will save over $1000/year in services and products.

What you get:

  • Your monthly payment goes into your store credit so you can spend the card in the store whenever you want. Your money remains on the card until you spend it.
  • Free Brow tweezing and maintenance once a month (valued at $240/year)
  • 20% off all Adoniaabeauty products and services (Save over $120/year)
  • Free 60 minutes birthday makeover on your birthday month – This isdone once every year because we care about you and you deserve to be celebrated on your special day.(valued at $60)
  • Free 90 minutes 1-1 Customized makeup Lesson (valued at $200)- This is done once a year to help update your look. We are committed to helping you with your beauty and total image.
  • Discount vouchers from Adoniaabeauty partners
  • A Membership card is valid for 1 person only and all credits must be spent by December of every year

Please call 4036712283 or email for membership enquiries