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  • Self-Esteem and Body Image

  • Addressing Teenage Depression

  • Fighting Peer-Pressure

  • Friendships & Relationships

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The Teen Beauty & Confidence Camp (TBCC) is a value-based interactive and practical program designed to equip girls , aged 12-17 with the skills needed to build confidence from the inside-out. 

Every year, we do a survey to gather data about the issues that teen girls are facing and these have remained the top 10

    • Self-Esteem and Body Image.

    • Stress

    • Bullying

    • Depression

    • Cyber Addiction

    • Underage Sex

    • Appearance

    • Peer-pressure

    • Friendship & relationships

    • Eating disorder

Results that girls get from the course 

    • Identify themselves as valuable with much to contribute to society

    • Build confidence and gain understanding of intrinsic value

    • Understand that they are able to have a positive influence in their world

    • Identify personal desires and strengths to motivate you to set and achieve personal goals

    • Personal grooming - Understand your sense of style, makeup, general health and hygiene 

Equipping Teenagers with 

5 pillars for confidence building

Our Goal has always been to take teenagers on a transformational journey into self-discovery and ultimately Confidence by using our 5 pillars for confidence building highlighted below:

  • Self & Body Image

  • Personal grooming & Appearance

  • Communication & Etiquette

  • Leadership

  • Nutrition, Health & Wellness

Want to Increase Your Influence in Your Local Community?

Who can be an TBCC Facilitator?

  • Anyone interested in building the next generation of female world leaders in a relaxed and fun environment?

  • Anyone with a burning passion to teach young girls confidence, leadership, communication , etiquette and the likes 

  • Must be a woman that is 21yrs  and above

  • Must have a burning  passion to pour into the next generation of female leaders.

Value of becoming an TBCC Facilitator

  • Increase your influence in your local community

  • Create another source of income for yourself while impacting the next generation.

  • Increase the impact you can make in your local community

  • Raise your personal brand value & so much more!

About The Teen Beauty Camp

Watch how we impacted teenage lives over the past 5 years.

Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I  need to be a makeup artist, hair stylist or an aesthetician to run these camps?

NO! At this point, they only learn basic age-appropriate makeup, hairstyling etc.  which we have broken down into a simple step by step guide for you to easily teach them. We also have videos to aid the teaching so don't panic. We will give you all the tools and resources to pass on the right knowledge to them.

Does my location matter?

No it doesn’t matter at all. Our goal is to empower girls around the world through these camps. Infact, we want people to register from all countries and cities of the world. So, Please feel free to sign up from Australia, Canada, UK, USA, Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Italy, Ireland and pretty much everywhere!

Have more questions? 

Then sign up for the information session on everything you need to know about becoming a facilitator of an Adoniaa Teen Beauty and Confidence Camp in your community.

The Adoniaa Promise

We will equip you with all the tools and resources that you need to bring this dream to life. You just need to show up with passion.

All Teen Beauty Camp facilitators will undergo a 4-week training to become Image Consultants. This training equips you with all the tools and resources required to facilitate an Teen Beauty & Confidence Camp. 

Curriculum of The Teen Beauty Camp

Day 1 - Self Discovery

Morning -   Identifying Masks

In this class, we will cover all the problems teenagers have been facing, talk about how to handle it and share stories from young adult mentors around these topics.

    • Peer Pressure

    • Societal/Peer Pressure

    • Labels

    • Depression & Loneliness

    • Substance Abuse/Addiction

    • Fear

    • Social media

    • Masterclass by a mentor – To Share their personal story around some of the above issues  

    • Q&A Session

    • Journaling page and Affirmations

Afternoon – Personal grooming Class

        ◦  Makeup

        ◦ Skincare

        ◦ Personal Hygiene

        ◦ Breath and dental care

        ◦ Hair care

        ◦ Nail care

        ◦ Fragrance

Day 2 - Self Image & Body  Image

Morning - Self Image- using the 'GIFTS' model 

▪ Discover your Genuine Passion
▪ Discover your innate strength
▪ Discover your foundational values
▪ Discover your true personality
▪ Discover lessons learnt from your personal experiences/story
▪ Masterclass by a mentor -  To Share their personal story 
▪ Journaling page and Affirmations

Afternoon - Colour Analysis,Body Analysis & Body Image

• Identify the colours that look best on you using Munsell's colour theory 

• Know and dress for your body type

• Styling and Accesorizing

• Hair Styling for your face shape

Day  3 - Leadership

Morning – Communication Class

 • Listening
 • Networking
 • Social skills
 • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • How to speak so people will listen

Afternoon - Vision Board Party

◦ Visualisation

◦ Guide the girls to start visualizing what they see about themselves in the next 5-10 years

◦ Vision board & Goal setting over music

Day 4 – Field Trip 

Morning & Afternoon Session

    • A personal shopping field trip to develop lifeskills such as money management, healthy food choices, Fitness, Personal responsibility e.t.c

    • We will take the girls on a day trip to the mall to learn to shop for themselves and learn basic money management

    • We will eat lunch together at the food court to learn some etiquettes

    • A waiver will be sent home for parents to sign

    • Parent volunteers may be required for the shopping experience field trip depending on the number of kids

    • Nutrition, health & wellness talk and related activities would be conducted during the field trip

Day 5 – Etiquette Training & Fashion show

Morning & Afternoon Session

    • Goal is to empower the girls by organising a fashion show where they will walk on a red carpet to showcase their beauty and present their vision boards which will include their mission, values, vision and goals.

    • Girls to bring  their  mums/dads

    • Fashion Show

    • Presentation of  vision boards

    • Photoshoot with parents

Products That The Girls Get

  • 3 pack Tea Tree Skincare Set

  • Mascara 

  • Teen Beauty Journal 

  • Eyeshadow Pallette 

  • 1 Lip gloss 

  • 1 Concealer 

Choose A Payment Plan

  • Increase your influence

  • Create another source of income

  • Raise your personal brand value

  • Pay in 2 Installments

  • Increase your influence

  • Create another source of income

  • Raise your personal brand value

  • Increase your influence

  • Create another source of income

  • Raise your personal brand value

  • Pay in 4 Installments

Note that there is no refund after enrolment as a TBCC Facilitator


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