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Adoniaa Beauty Entrepreneur Program

The Adoniaa Beauty Entrepreneur Program is a partnership opportunity for Beauty-Entrepreneurs looking to expand their product and services offering and collaborate with an amazing brand in the beauty industry.We love to partner with entrepreneurs that share our value of uplifting,empowering and connecting women to their beauty.

Why partner with Adoniaabeauty?

The adoniaa team provides extensive support to our Retail Partners to ensure that our values and vision are carried along and to also ensure profitability for our retail partners.

    Ways to become an Adoniaa Beauty Entrepreneur

    Get Licensed to retail Adoniaabeauty Products
    Get Licensed to facilitate Adoniaabeauty Workshops
    Get Licensed to have an Adoniaabeauty Franchise Store
    Get Licensed to have an Adoniaa store-in-a store facility 

    Adoniaa Beauty Entrepreneurs Receive:

    • Product discounts 
    • Free Product Samples with minimum order purchase
    • Exclusive newsletters containing essential resources, product updates, early access to new innovations and information, promotional tools and much more
    • Professional promotional material design and consulting services
    • Online and visual merchandising support
    Please send an email to for more enquiries.