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About Us



Our mission is to uplift,validate equip and empower women to be the best version of themselves by organising workshops to help women live in the awareness of who they are and also by selling our products which represent the empowered messages women want to feel and be connected with.

Our Vision

Our vision is to see women living an empowered lifestyle of owning who they are and being comfortable in their own skin.



My name is Adedoyin Omotara, a wife to an amazing man and a mother of two boys ( I call them my 2 nations). I was born in Manchester,UK to Nigerian parents. I trained as an Engineer but with great passion for the beauty industry. This made me go ahead to get some training and qualifications in beauty as well from prestigious Beauty schools in Nigeria and UK.

I am a well travelled woman as I love meeting people, learning new culture and educating myself regularly. I have lived in 5 different continents in the world where I have worked as a makeup artist/Beauty therapist part-time, these countries include Nigeria, India,Trinidad and Tobago,United Kingdom and finally in Canada where my family and I have decided to settle down. The beauty of living in all these countries is that I have learnt to appreciate that Beauty is individual and everyone has her own individual beauty language. The realization of this gave birth to Adoniaa in October 2014.

ADONIAA is a Greek word meaning “beautiful woman”. This brand name is very dear to me, as it describes my vision and mission in a simple word to help women connect to their individual beauty and empower them at every stage of their lives.I believe every woman is beautiful and powerful in her own unique way. Beauty to me is the celebration of  a woman's individuality and uniqueness.

I believe in investing in the strength of women and in the dream of girls. When you think Adoniaa, I want you to feel another perspective to makeup as adoniaa is more than just another cosmetic line, it is the revolution of beauty!