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Three things to do daily to unmask your beauty

Hello Beautiful,

Welcome to the unmask your beauty series!

In this first episode, I will be sharing three things you can do daily to unmask your beauty or to be your most authentic self.

1. Have a to-be list - Who are you becoming?

So around December last year, I was reading a book ( I cant remember the title now but I will start making notes of books I'm reading henceforth) and there was an exercise at the end of the book to write who I am becoming. I started to write amazing things that I never thought I would do before like Be a speaker, Be a Mentor,Be a fuller and more expressive woman,Be Audacious, Lead a tribe of women etc and then it occurred to me that I needed to write it in the front page of my living Amazed Journal to constantly remind myself daily so that all my goals can align to this woman that I am becoming. I also discovered it required a lot of self-discipline and laser focus to become this woman. Now, it's 4 months into reading that list everyday and I can't even quantify the trasformation that I have experienced, I am loving myself more as I daily invest in myself to become that woman that I admire already. Living in this awareness has also connected me to who I truly am and all the inner strength and beauty that lies within me.

So today, I will like you to do exactly what I did last year: take your time to think of the woman you are becoming and write them down in a book or journal that you see everyday and begin to work towards becoming that woman.

2. Have a to-feel list - Do you want to react or respond to situations?

Last year, I was working with a coach that constantly asked me how I wanted to feel at the beginning of our sessions and I would say well I wanted to feel fulfilled in life and she would go deeper and ask questions like so what will make you feel fulfilled in life and I would respond with so many things that aligned with my core values. The bottom of how I wanted to feel was joy ,happiness, abundance, a sense of deserving and all that good stuff.... this made me realise the value of intentional living. I later made it a life style to write in my journal how I want to feel daily, this has helped to respond to people, events and situations rather that react to things as they come. I am calmer and  wiser in dealing with situations since I started using this approach.Most importantly, I am proud of myself at the end of the day when I reflect. How do you want to feel?

3. Live in the NOW - Be Present

Presence is a very big word that so many amazing authors have written about how bringing your boldest self to every situation can create a lasting impact and make you have a more fulfilling life. I have also realised that when I live in the now and I am present in everything I do, I achieve better results and in turn I am happy with myself. Some ways you can achieve that is by de-cluttering your brain so you can put your full attention on the task or situation in front of you.Write down your goals, to do list etc in a journal or a notebook and give your 100% attention to everything you are doing when you are doing it.

With these 3 modifications to your lifestyle, I am confident that you will not only be your best self but you will also discover hidden truths about yourself.That is where your true beauty lies!

This has been summarized in the video clip below:

Now , I will like to hear from you:

Action:  Comment  1 item on your to-be list in the comment section of this blog. Who are you becoming?

Remember... You are strong, you are beautiful, you are a woman, you are enough and you are powerful beyond measure, so go out there and unmask your beauty!





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