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Seasons of a woman

It is so interesting how things change for women at different seasons of our lives and how we still develop a coping mechanism to embrace it all. Every woman goes through these seasons in her lifetime, similar to how the seasons of the earth change from winter,spring,summer and fall, different seasons require different approach.

In this article, I have  used makeup to interprete the different seasons of a woman in her 20s, 30s, 40s,50s and 60s. The images are a makeup illustration of what’s going on in each season only.


This 1st look describes a woman in her 20’s. The pink lip,sultry eyes and the overall mood is used to illustrate how a woman feels in this season. The main focus is on setting goals, we feel invulnerable and have little awareness that outside forces can get in our way.We are generally playful and full of life.

This second look describes a typical woman in her 30s illustrated with a daring  dark and glossy lip,and an I-can-do- it-all attitude. In this season, we are trying to combine career, parenting, family e.t.c ,we are often isolated as we want to just focus and concentrate on the immediate thereby loosing a few relationships. A woman in her 30s is a strong woman, secure in her identity and is at the point where She is ready to stop taking  shit from people.

This look best describes a woman in her 40s. The red lip signifies boldness, the white liner shows that her eyes are wide open and she knows exactly what she’s doing,the overall attitude signifies strength. A woman in her 40s is confident,established in her career,solid in the path she hopes to create in life.She is a mentor, teacher and expresses her concerns easily.

A  woman in her 50s has reared her children through adolescence into adulthood, she has richness of friendship with other women. She reflects and accepts her life.She is a mentor to other women. The orange lippie represents her genuine warmth towards others and the eye makeup represents her wealth of experience.


  A woman in her 60s is ready to retire,she has a true understanding of herself and of feeling fulfilled. She has wisdom.Her lippie signifies a warm,comfortable and wholesome woman. She is genuine, natural and dependable.
 Photo credits: Bunmi Makinde of six-one-1 productions 
Model- Nashambi Joseph
This article was written by Adedoyin Omotara,Creative Director of Adoniaa, an image consulting company which focuses on makeup and personal styling for the everyday woman.
I am passionate about making the everyday woman look and feel her best at all times; let’s not leave it to the celebrities! Looking good isn’t a luxury, it is something everyone can achieve regardless of age, size, budget, lifestyle or health conditions.


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