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Identifying your core values- Key to living a truly beautiful life

For a long time, I mis-interpreted values to be ethics or morals but recently with my quest to unmasking my beauty and living a truly authentic lifestyle, I discovered the true definition of value to be: set of standards that we want to live our lives by based on what is most important to us meaning living our lives based on  those things that are most important to us in life and gives us purpose! Just as organizations have values, individuals do too! So we may have 10 or more values but identifying our core values by narrowing them to 5 helps us appreciate what is most important to us. Each person’s values are unique to that person; even if two people happen to pick the same value word, such as  generousity, each person will demonstrate it differently in her daily actions and language.

Today, I want to teach you an easy way to identify your core values by following a simple exercise as this will bring you closer to living a truly beautiful and authentic lifestyle.

Write a list of 10 things you enjoy doing and write the reason you enjoy doing each activity beside them. These reasons are your values.I have done mine as an example for you below and highlighted my values in bold to guide you through your exercise.

1.) I love to cook - It gives me a sense of creativity

2.) I love to spend time with my family - It gives me peace/tranquilty, joy and happiness

3.) I love to host friends - It gives me positive-energy

4.) I love to learn by attending workshops & events - It gives me a sense of achievement

5.) I love to read - It gives me knowledge and broadens my perspective

6.) I love to talk - It gives me a sense of expression

7. I love to volunteer for activities that improve the lives of people - It gives me a sense of community and love

8.  I love to teach and transfer knowledge - It gives me positive-energy and a sense of generousity

9.  I love to dance - It gives me a sense of freedom/independence d expression.

10.  I love selling and recomending things I believe in and that have worked for me - It gives me a sense of love

So, from my list of 10 things that I love to do, I have answered the question why which has helped me define my VALUES as Creativity, Peace, Joy, Happiness, Positive-energy, Achievement, Knowledge, Perspective, Expression, Community, Generousity,Independence/Freedom and Love.

As much as everything on this list is important to me, I am going to narrow it down to 5 in order to identify my core values by grouping them.

Happiness  (Joy and  Peace can be grouped under this)

Positive-energy  (Joy can be grouped under this)

Independence  (Freedom, expression and creativity can be grouped under this)

Achievement  (Knowledge and perspective can be grouped under this)

Love  (Generousity and community can be grouped under this)

It's that simple!

So I now know that happiness, positive-energy, Independence, Achievement and Love are important to me. It will be very easy for me to make decision, choices, manage my relationships  and evaluate what I am spending my money on based on these values.

All I need to ask myself is if any decision I'm making aligns with the above values.

Honouring these values is you committing to nurture your inner beauty!

Remember, you are strong, you are beautiful, you are a woman, you are enough and your are powerful beyond measure so go our there and unmask your beauty!

Watch the video below where I have explained the above:








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