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Cheat-sheet to creating an ombre lip

This week, on our #howtoseries, I have created something I call a cheat-sheet to creating any ombre lip for all skin types.

Ombre lips are two or more lipstick colours or shades blended so that they fade into one another or the accentuation of colours on your lip from darkest to lightest. You can use two or more colours to create this look depending on your preference.

This look in the video below is called a cheat-sheet because the adoniaa lipstick in unapologetically me can be paired with any other lipstick to create an ombre look as it is a very light lipstick and probably the lightest lipstick in the market.

Sip a cup of coffee as you enjoy this short and educational beauty tip.

Do not forget to shop the unapologetically-me lipstick to create any ombre lip by pairing with other lipsticks that you have.

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