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8 Essential Brushes for the Everyday Woman

Apologies that I haven’t blogged in a while, been doing too many things at the same time but it’s all for good.

 So today we are going talk about make-up brushes.As an everyday woman, we can also achieve flawless make-up application like a pro only if we use the right tools. I have hand picked 8 essential brushes for the everyday woman to achieve that all-time flawless make-up as I know that the 24 piece and 32 piece brush set might be a bit confusing. If you are not a make-up artist and you are the everyday woman that wants to look good then these are the brushes for you: 

1.Flat foundation brush
2.Powder brush
3. Duo angled/spoolie brush
4. Angled Blush/bronzer brush
5. Eye shadow brush
6. Blending/crease brush
7.Concealer brush
8. Lip brush

Watch the video below to know how to use them and feel free to leave comments below.Till my next post…unleash the beauty within


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